Happy teacher’s day!!

Imagine a world without teachers…. How horrific it seems to even imagine such a situation. A world without teachers is a world without knowledge and a world without knowledge cannot even exist! So on this teacher’s day let’s pour out our love for our teachers for their importance in our lives cannot be measured….

Dear teachers

Like candles, for others you burn

Under your guidance,

Children’s futures turn.

Unconditional is your love

Which can’t be expressed in words.

Like peace is symbolised by dove,

Knowledge is by you.

Like calming shades of blue,

You are always there to guide us.

When we are in wrong, you correct us.

You inspire us to become something.

So let me on this special day of yours,

Tell you that:

For us you are everything.

Our journey to success is incomplete without you.

For you are the ones who have filled our lives with hues…

Like roses are red,

Sky is blue,

My dear teachers, I love you….

I dedicate this to all the teachers who have shaped me into what I am today, guided me, inspired me to do more and whose love and blessings have been by me through thick and thin… A teacher is one of the best creations of god for her love and sacrifice for her students is unconditional.

All the teachers who have been a part of my life till now: You hold a very special place in my heart and you are the best thing that could have ever happened to me… Love you all 🙂

With love



The Merry Life……

A child was running down the street

His expressions utterly innocent and sweet

On his face was not even a glimpse of pretence

Carelessly trying to jump over the fence

It gave me utmost pleasure to watch the child

With his smile so pure and mild

I wonder where our innocence is gone?

Where did we leave the sweetness in our tone?

Why have we worn this personality false?

I wish I could go back to my childhood days

When I used to run in the faint sun rays

And laugh endlessly for no reason at all

When I used to cry for nothing but a ball

And then cuddle in my mother’s lap

To take a short and peaceful nap

How I wish those golden days were back

When I used to love hiding in the shack

Life then was so merry and jolly

Filled with nothing but joy and folly…….

Escaped ( part-1)

She started her new life in a cellar surrounded by children of all ages. The room was cool and a strange smell filled it. The floor was dusty. She slid against the metal wall until she hit hard in the corner and passed out.

The last thing she remembered was hands gripping her body. She opened her eyes. The room was swaying before her eyes. After a long chain of efforts it finally stilled. She pulled herself up, sweat beeding on her forehead. She looked around and saw a mirror.

She walked towards it and saw herself. She was wearing blue jeans withe loose red shirt. The floor felt cold against her bare feet. Her hair tied loosely in a ponytail. She carefully looked at her features; her face was plain. Her eyes were a dark shade of blue.

There was loud knock on the door. She turned to look around and saw a boy. He looked no more than 16. “hi” he said breaking her chain of thoughts. His voice was soft and spoke as if he were in a trance. He wore a smirk on his face which looked a bit out of place on his dumb face. “hi” he said once again, “I am Will”. “ Silena” she said with a grin. “ well what place is this?” she asked trying her best not to shout at him. “ how would I know?” he answered in his unusual voice. Now she could not bear this anymore and shouted ” do you even know anything?”. His expressions blank; nothing.

He simply turned around and said “follow me”. Silena still had a tough time controlling her anger but knew she had no other choice. “okay” she said rolling her eyes. “This is the shack” he said almost in a whisper. “ I don’t know much about this place but it is really huge. It just seems small.” “ where are you taking me? “ she asked putting all patience in her voice. “ Don’t worry, you will see yourself.” he said.

Suddenly a thought struck her; how had she come here? Why was she put in this ‘shack’? Who were all the all the people she had seen outside? Too much, it was really too much. Her head was overcrowding with who knew how many things. Suddenly she started hearing voices. They entered the room. It was packed with people. They were arguing over something but suddenly stopped after seeing me.

“ hello” Silena said. Their eyes were fixed on her as if she had done some thing odd. “what” she asked trying to break the silence.


She looked at Will. His face as expressionless as others. Are they testing my patience? She thought. She was starting to hate these people more and more every second, especially Will. Surely He was the dumbest person she had ever met in her life.

“ would anyone take the charge of telling me what all this is?” I asked even louder this time. Fortunately a girl stood up, “ I am christina, you can call me chris”, “ this is the shack, and we all are the members of club ‘founder’.

It comprises of all the founder residents of the shack. Its our leadership which has maintained law, order and peace in this place. Our mission is to escape the shack and once again witness the outside world which has been clogged from our view.

“Wait, its too much for a day but why have we been put here and by whom? And why were you looking at me as if I have done something wrong?” I asked. “ its not the right time to tell all this now but you will get to know it very soon.” She answered calmly. I could not handle this anymore. I turned and walked away into darkness……

Salut amis! Hope you enjoyed reading Hold on for the next 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy mother’s day to all the sweet mothers….. This poem is dedicated to all mothers who love their kids more than themselves, who go through all sorts pain and sufferings to raise their child with utmost love and care😊 This poem is also dedicated to the most lovely woman in my life- my mother…

She wakes up before me
to get me ready
She sets my clothes
And braids my hair
She prepares tangy food
To fill my tummy
She is none other than
My sweet mummy!
She ensures that I reach school safely
She is always there to see me happy
When I am sad, she cries with me
When I am jolly, she dances with me
Through thick and thin
She stands by me
She is none other than
My sweet mummy!
She checks to see, if my home work is done
And scolds me, if I am undone
But then she hugs me tight
To tell me
Its okay, I still have time
She knows me the best
If you have any doubt
You can test
More than anything
She loves me
After all, She is none other than My sweet mummy!

Being a mother is a 24*7 job with no rest and holiday. So on this mother’s day let’s pour out all the love and compassion we have for our mothers and bring a never ending smile on their face☺

MY FIRST POEM BLOG – A Sattire On Education system in India…..

This is my first poem blog. Hope you like it. Feel free to like and criticise it……

In India I must say

Many children might look gay*

With our system of education

(Though they still have to go to tution)

But the truth I think

Is a bit differnt

For education here is a link

To marks, marks and marks

And if you get them a little less

Everything seems to go dark

Marks, here everybody preaches

Nobody you will hear telling the children

To go and play on beaches

Education here makes the child’s curiosity shrink

And forces us to think

That is it just marks

That decide the value of child

Or shall we go deeper and glide

Into the reality,

Which is far from marks……….

(*gay- happy)

This poem is meant to be a sattire on the education system of India. Here the value of child is recognised by marks and not by the skills possessed by the child. Fortunately now there has been a change in some persons’ thinking. However, to prove his/her worth in our country, a child still has to score marks and so the child’s world keeps on revolving around marks. Moreover I think that its not just India but several other countries also have the same scenario. My motive is not to criticise the system rather to express my views on this sytem of education. I strongly feel that education ought to develop children’s mind and skills and henceforth concepts should be made clear. A system so closely related with marks tends to encourage rote learning in many children which should not be the motive of education. So let’s move ahead towards a better system of education………

A Generation To Come…..

Today we stand in a world full of machines. We are lying on the doorstep to be welcomed by another era, a new world. After all transition is the reality of life. However the question arises that who would welcome us into the so called new world? Who would hold our hand while we travel between two worlds, from an older one to a completely newer one – where everything is uknown….

How captivating it sounds, right? But this small change can be a turning point in the lives of many. As, who would be ready to believe how machines can be so clever. We might have, perhaps not even spent a second to wonder that a whole world of machines could exist!! Probably not, but yes this is the truth🤔 For how long would we keep on convincing ourselves that the world is made for we ‘the humans’ and would be ruled by us.

As for now the scenarios are changing, alongwith changing time and soon we would have to learn, how to survive in this new world. On our threshold stands a new generatrion of machines and robos, ready to welcome us and at any moment take our place. It is we who have created this world so it has to be us who need to bear the consequences. Till now we were forcing ourselves to see the brighter side of this whole affair but soon we would be seeing its dark side too!

Now has come the time when at last we are asking ourselves that, Has technology proven to be a boon or a bane? The answer might be different for everyone but the truth would not change. Technology though has proven to be a boon, making our lives easy in numerous fields and developing us. But now it is high time we start considering it as a bane. For what have they been doing for us ultimately?

We should also not forget that there was a time when our ancestors used to survive without machines. They would probably not have imagined a world in which we live. On the contrary nowdays, we cannot imagine to live without tecnology and machinery. Nevertheless, I still think that the worst is yet to come. Soon would come a time of desolation if we do not maintain nalance between science and nature.

So let us join hands to not be a pawn of technology and learn to enjoy our lives in the lap of nature rather than in hands of technology and patiently wait for the next generation to come………

#In the lap of nature #Not a pawn of technology


JK Rowling did not write a book rather created a world of witchcraft , wizardry and sorcery. A mesmerizing world full of magic!! From tying shoelaces to decoration of a big hall… everything is done by magic. To express all that, one feels about these books is next to impossible. The world of magic created by JK Rowling becomes a part of us and for some readers (like me) it also throws light of hope in darkness. It looks so fictious and fabricated while speaking about the books like this as if the whole book was filled with unreal and imaginary things. Likewise one might also think that the readers are just exaggerating the situation. However to the readers, it seems like a world getting out of which is a very difficult task. With the beauty of words and power of magic, JK Rowling was successful to create a world which left a strong impression on the reader’s mind. These books are a perfect brew of thrill, adventure, fantasy, fiction, mystery and with a precise pinch of comedy and drama along with all the things I associate with an ‘interesting book’. The book is written in a way which makes all the characters come alive. It is not just the pleasure of reading these books give us but also learnings like to accept us what lies before us and not to lose hope even in the darkest of times. The best part of the book includes the deep friendship shared by Ron, Harry and Hermione and how they support each other through thick and thin. They give us a perfect example that, though small quarrels may keep on taking place between friends but they are too small to affect true friendship. Furthermore the story revolves around teenage children and being an adolescent it becomes very easy to relate to problems faced by the trio. I wish I could also some day go to Hogwarts. Nevertheless I have witnessed the power of magic and would also strongly recommend you to unleash the power of magic at least once in your lifetime 🙂

Thanks for reading my first blog and joining me in this journey……..

* Feel free to like and criticise it and help me improve☺